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white bamboo – soy wax candle – 16oz

Featuring top notes of Fresh Bamboo + Green Floral that flow into a base of Creamy Earthyness. This prestigious scent brings a luxury spa atmosphere to any space + is an airy, ozonic escape from the everyday.

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calm – soy wax candle – 16oz

Featuring a top note of Nag Champa that flows into Warm Amber with hints of Floral Rose + Lily Of The Valley. Sandalwood blends with Dark Musk + Woody Violet in the base.

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Botanical Bath Bomb – Gift Box

Enjoying Bath Bombs is a nice way to slow down + relax! Infused organic herbs + botanicals work together to soothe tired, achy muscles.  Essential oils provide Aromatherapy, curated to calm, cool + harmonize.

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lemongrass – brightening – soap bar5.0

Featuring the fresh, sweet scent of Lemongrass Essential Oil (Cymbopogon flexuosus).


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Organic Herb + Botanical Infused | Soap | Bath Bombs | Body Oil | + Soy Wax Candles

Made in Loudoun County, VA